Video Platform For Fitness

Deliver live & interactive classes instantly. Share on-demand videos. Grow your fitness business.

Instructor At Home

Say good bye to tech setup & payment issues

Engaging virtual classes for your members without any of the hassles. Deliver top notch video & music straight from your phone.

Live, Interactive &
On-Demand Classes

Designed specifically for fitness and interactivity, teach classes that members truly enjoy. Record your classes automatically and share with paying members.

Instructor teaching live, interactive class on Habitly Video app

Streamline Booking & Payment

No more giving away virtual offerings for free or manually processing payments. Automate booking, payment and notifications for your paying members.

class booking

Connect Website & Gym Software

Works seamlessly with the existing setup of your fitness business and class booking software.

Gym Integrations

Live and On-Demand Video

See and interact with your members in real time while teaching live classes. Record and share them instantly.

High Quality Music

Broadcast music directly from your laptop or phone playlist, using your favorite music app (e.g. Spotify, Apple music).

Website Integration

It works with your existing website and class management system. You can also get your Habitly profile page to go online instantly.

Booking and Payment

Make it easy for your members to sign up & pay for your virtual classes.


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