Aly Gray – From bodybuilder to business builder

Aly Gray Profile

Aly is a top competitive bodybuilder and fitness instructor based in Florida. She is a total boss babe and left corporate America to build her business rooted in her passion for fitness. When the pandemic hit, Aly launched her business, Aly Gray Fitness, where she provides online training programs. Aly keeps it real and she’s not afraid to talk about anything from the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship to the balance of mental wellness when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.


– The rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and how Aly views challenges and overcoming disappointment as opportunities for growth – both personally and professionally

– Aly’s top lessons learned from starting a fitness business from scratch

– Opening up about how to balance mental health as a competitive bodybuilder and fitness professional, and how Aly used the discipline learned from competitive bodybuilding to translate it into to building her own business

– The strategic plan she put in place when starting her business from the ground up and her top lessons learned 

– How to work smarter not harder, and how to set goals with uncertain and changing circumstances (i.e., during a pandemic)


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