Clarissa Karunaratne – The power of social media and building community

Pre-pandemic, Clarissa was working her “dream job” as a social media manager for a boutique fitness studio and teaching yoga sculpt classes in LA. When the studios closed for lockdown, everyone was forced to show up in ways they never thought they would. For Clarissa that meant bringing her classes online and staying connected with her community virtually. Clarissa took a risk on herself by quitting her job, investing in an online platform, and putting her social media skills to use to grow her own business.


– The power of social media and top three marketing and social media tips for growing an online business

– The real truths about the tough parts of following your intuition as an entrepreneur 

– How to overcome a period of transition and growth, take a risk on yourself, and follow your intuition

– The importance of having a plan but finding success by being flexible for opportunities that arise

– How connecting with your community virtually through uncertain times strengthens the community:
“Lockdown has connected us on a whole other level and has forced us to show up in places we never thought we would… as humans we’ve gained a bigger understanding for one another; no one know how to navigate a global pandemic”


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