Colleen – Growing a membership based fitness business with CDP Fitness

As a retired marathon runner, Colleen loves to workout and workout hard. After years of running injuries, Colleen retired from running and fell for challenging strength workouts: Barre, Pilates, and Lagree Fitness. She quit her job at a big pharma company to become a full-time fitness instructor. She always intended on having an online presence and even purchased the URL for her business more than five years ago. The pandemic was the perfect push Colleen needed to build her online fitness business, CDP Fitness.


– The key differences between growing her following in person and online and how the pandemic was the perfect push Colleen needed to teach online

– Why Colleen was concerned that the membership model wouldn’t work for her classes and how she’s built a business model that is sustainable while keeping her clients happy

– The top two things she’s learned about advertising and promoting herself as a brand online and on social media, and how to overcome the comparison game as a fitness entrepreneur on social media

– The most valuable feedback Colleen’s received from her members

CDP Fitness

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