Deanna DiCarlo – Following your heart & tough lessons learned as a yogipreneur

Deanna DiCarlo

Deanna is a rockstar yoga instructor based out of Toronto. Deanna’s opened two yoga studios abroad – one in St. Maarten and another in Miami – sure it’s the dream of every yoga teacher but it hasn’t been all sunshine and yoga on the beach. She’s learned a lot of hard lessons and come out stronger both personally and professionally. She’s now building her own online studio and running her own business.  She’s bold, refreshingly authentic, and she’s got really great advice that every instructor should hear – so let’s get started.


– The hard lessons Deanna learned about yoga and business, and how she learned to be humble without allowing herself to be taken advantage of financially

– The difference between working as an instructor for studios vs. independently – and how Deanna is creating a life for herself that allows her to make the most of her passion

– Why it’s important to protect your worth while also giving back, and how Deanna’s found a balance of working for others while also promoting her own brand – especially in the online space

– What the reality of being a fitness instructor in a big city really is like, why sending in a resume won’t get you the job, and Deanna’s top piece of advice for getting hired in a saturated market

– The one thing she’s invested in that’s helping her to grow her business while working less

– Deanna’s experience opening yoga studios abroad – what she learned and her biggest takeaway that every instructor needs to hear


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