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Jessie is a dance & fitness instructor based in Boston, MA. Her passion for fitness is deeply rooted in her love for dance, movement, and community. She’s fearlessly followed her passion for movement and sharing movement with others through leading fitness classes at Barry’s to hosting dance and movement retreats, founding HipHop PopUp, and releasing online fitness mixtapes – Jessie’s energy is contagious!


* Following your intuition, connecting with what brings you joy, and allowing yourself to explore your passion areas, and how to release external pressure to find a ‘respectable’ corporate job

* Overcoming insecurities and doubt from self and others – advice for how to get out of your head and connect with your intuition to give yourself the opportunity to try something new

* Pivoting quickly and adapting to a new reality of teaching online enabled Jessie to scale her community globally through her signature online Fitness Mixtape workouts

* How Jessie’s allowed the global pandemic to be a catalyst for change – allowing her to reflect and reprioritize her business and her personal life

* Jessie’s top advice for running a business without running yourself into the ground

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