Justina Ercole : Beyond Broadway – Setting up a virtual fitness business

Justina Ercole

Coming from a background in dance and musical theatre, teaching dance-based fitness classes like barre and dance cardio were a natural fit for Justina Ercole. Justina is a fitness instructor and YouTuber based in New York City. She uses her YouTube channel to build awareness about her online fitness offerings and grow her business. On this episode, we’re talking about how Justina is growing her online presence, the fun and not-so-fun parts of running your own business such as setting up an LLC and music licensing. 


– Why Justina loves teaching online, how she connects with her clients online, and her top piece of advice for teaching a great fitness class online

– How Justina uses YouTube to drive business to grow her online business

– What music licensing is and why it’s important to have a license, especially if you’re teaching online fitness classes 

– Why Justina set up a limited liability company (LLC) to run her online business through and why it’s important to consider your business structure when it comes to running your own business

Justina’s YouTube Channel

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