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For many fitness professionals, owning a studio is the ultimate dream of fitness entrepreneurship. 2020 has been a tough year for the boutique fitness industry. Today we’re talking with Lee-Anne Reuber, who was ahead of the game and pivoted her studio to bring her business online even before the pandemic. We’ll talk about how she made the leap to let go of the “dream studio” and launch a virtual fitness platform. Lee-Anne shares her major lessons learned as an entrepreneur in the wellness space, the reality of owning your own business, and how her offering is unique in an up-and-coming virtual space.


– How Lee-Anne made the leap to pivot her business from a physical studio to an entirely virtual platform and why she pivoted even before the pandemic

– The main reason why it’s so important to have a clear “WHY” as an entrepreneur, and what Lee-Anne’s biggest WHY is both in running the studio and virtual platform

– How to launch even when you don’t feel ready and the importance of being open to new opportunities as they present themselves

– The importance of investing in yourself and how taking a risk on yourself can ultimately lead to greater success 

– Choosing to have a positive mindset on money, how to invest in your business, and why taking on debt isn’t necessarily a negative thing for your business

– The power of affirmations and how Lee-Anne uses affirmations and visualization to set herself and her business up for success  

– Top three elements for getting out of your head and into your body that are used in SSS’s signature Connektion class and how these apply to entrepreneurship: 
* Pushing past limiting beliefs
* Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
* Letting go of the fear of failure


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