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Penny is an international yoga teacher having lived in Sweden, Australia, and now Canada. She’s an advocate for women’s health and in particular pelvic health. She lives with a chronic condition that causes her a lot of pain physically and mentally. Penny opens up about how being vulnerable, honest, and open about her struggles have helped open up new opportunities for her and her business. We talk about how Penny discovered her unique niche as a yoga teacher and how she’s owning it is helping her to authentically connect with her students and grow her community.


* How Penny found her unique niche as a yoga teacher and how narrowing down her niche enabled her to build trust and connect with her clients on a deeper level

* The key reason Penny invested in herself and the powerful effect that the investment has had on the growth of her business 

* The importance of being vulnerable, open, and honest, and how letting go of the fear of what others’ would think helped Penny build trust and connect with her audience

* What it’s like living with an uncommon chronic condition, how Penny adapts her movement practice for her physical and mental health needs, and how she adapts her teaching for her students’ mental and physical needs

* Penny’s top advice for starting a wellness business and growing a following from scratch

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