Susan Hu – Opening your heart to the possibilities

After obtaining two masters degrees and working in marketing and communications for seven years, Susan decided to follow her passion for yoga and become a full-time instructor in New York City. Susan is an advocate for self-care and for making yoga accessible to everyone. She started Everyone’s Yoga, an online platform for accessible yoga, before the pandemic and has since grown it to a platform bigger than she ever imagined.


– The yoga practice that shifted Susan’s life and how her background in marketing and journalism naturally led her to launch an online platform to share her passion with others

– What happened when Susan overcame the initial resistance of going online and how Susan used her online platform to connect, grow, and raise the overall vibration of her community 

– NYC’s yoga market and the key differences that set Susan’s offerings apart from others in a saturated market

– Susan’s real advice for getting through challenging times, especially as an entrepreneur facing uncertainty in the pandemic 

– “Everyone should be meditating for 20 minutes a day – unless you’re too busy, then you should be meditating for an hour”


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